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Data Literacy
ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
Many of the datasets at the ICPSR are publicly available. The non-public holdings are restricted to individuals at ICPSR Direct institutions, Offical Representatives at member institutions, and those holding individual memberships.

ICPSR Special Topic Archives
Most of the data in the special topic archives are publicly available; some include online extract and analysis systems. Topics covered include: health and medical care; international education; aging; criminal justice; substance abuse and mental health; Census 2000; U.S. election 2000.

American FactFinder by U.S. Census Bureau
Tables and maps of Census 2000 data for all geographies to the block level.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Search the catalog; many codebooks can be viewed online. Data can be downloaded for a fee.

Polls & Surveys Question Database (Roper Center for Public Opinion Research)
Available through Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe (subscription database).

LexisNexis Statistical
The Power Tables feature allows you to search for keywords used in statistical tables produced by the U.S. government and international agencies, and then links you to images of those tables. This is available only to users who are affiliated with Miami University.

Health Poll Search
Search the Data Archive Catalog or the Public Opinion Poll Question Database. Many datasets can be downloaded in their entirely; for some opinion polls, cross-tabulations may be run online.

Odum Institute for Research in Social Science Louis Harris Data Archive
Search the Data Archive Catalog or the Public Opinion Poll Question Database. Many datasets can be downloaded in their entirely; for some opinion polls, cross-tabulation may be run online.
Data on the Net
Search or browse listing of hundreds of Internet sites of numeric social science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, social science gateways, addresses and more.

Social Statistics Briefing Room
Easy access to current national level social statistics produced by a number of United States Federal agencies. Subject categories include crime, education, health and demographic statistics.

CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives) Integrated Data Catalogue
Search the data archives of: France, Denmark, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, and ICPSR.
Nesstar Explorer software offers an end user interface for searching, analyzing and downloading data and documentation. NESSTAR Light is a Web-based version; through it one can search the data archives catalogues of the UK, Denmark and Norway.

Class Handout
Handout for Data Literacy (PowerPoint files).
Portions of this handout adapted from a IASSIST 2002 workshop - Finding, Evaluating, and Using Numeric Data by Julie Linden, Yale University.